1 Year Anniversary and Website Launch

Staff from DFW Carpentry relax after a tough day of work

There is a common saying; “Travel broadens the mind” which I believe to be very accurate. In fact, I firmly believe that travel was responsible for planting the seed from which The Sports Recovery Suite blossomed.

Both Sean and I spent time together in Melbourne, Australia in 2016 and 2017. Sean engaged in competitive road and track cycling while I spread my time being an S&C coach for an AFL academy, playing Gaelic Football and being a paddle board instructor. While engaged in different sports we were blown away by the facilities and resources that many Australian athletes had at their disposal. Sports recovery rooms were not a thing we were accustomed to and we loved how they afforded all athletes a chance to optimally recover post exercise. Up to this point we had believed that such practices and facilities were only available for elite professionals.

When back on Irish soil the idea of opening our own Sports Recovery centre in Kerry was fuelled by similar projects which had started in Cork, Donegal and Offaly. As both of us were approaching the age of 30, we convinced ourselves that this was as much an investment into our sporting longevity as it was business venture. While Sean was comfortable in his project management role I was less so in my role as chief architect. We were blessed to work with DFW Carpentry who later on became our first corporate clients. While unclear on some of the details from my carefully developed drawings, chief builder Daniel Ward was able to come up with the goods and bespoke the facility to our requirements

An initial detailed design of our planned layout presented to our builders.
Key; White sugar= Exercise bikes, Brown sugar= recliner sofas, knives and forks are the walls, mobile phone= sauna, jug of milk= cryobath and jar= jacuzzi.
Sean Tobin and John Lenihan of DFW Carpentry looking out a window.
Sean Tobin and John Lenihan of DFW Carpentry looking out a window.

It is now one year since opening and what an unforgettable year it has been for The Sports Recovery Suite. From the outset of the project our objective has been:

“…to expose athletes and fitness enthusiasts, of all abilities, to a vast range of elite recovery strategies and equipment, at an affordable price”.

Contrast bathing room
Tralee Warriors Senior Men’s Basketball Team enjoying a team bonding session in our Suite

We have worked with so many clients over the past year from a vast range of sports including; GAA, soccer, athletics, rugby, golf, surfing, cycling, triathlon, adventure racers. While our clients use of facility with  to assist with their recover post exercise we have noticed other trends within the facility. Many teams and groups come for bonding sessions and to develop team morale, while others come to relax and become rejuvenated after a busy day in work.

We have forged links with many other local businesses in the past year with two in particular being very supportive. The staff at the fantastic “Arena Gym Tralee” and Jamie Finn from “On the Ball Team Building” have helped us grow our business and we look forward to working with them into the future.

So on the weekend of our first anniversary we would like to thank every one of our clients who have passed through our facility this past year and in particular those who have been so supportive post lockdown. We really appreciate your valued business and will continue to look for ways to enhance your recovery and experiences within our facility.

We are also using this as an opportunity to launch our brand new website and appointment booking system which you can check out at;


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Yours in recovery and health,

Eoin and Sean.

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