Our Cryobath can be set to temperatures below 1 degree. This is cold. Very cold! Survive the initial 2 minutes and you will easily complete the next 8. This is the most challenging experience within our recovery suite but the benefits far outweigh the struggle. Having survived your cold water immersion you deserve the rejuvenation provided firstly by the sauna and then by the jacuzzi.

Recovery strategy

Cold Water Immersion(CWI)

Actions: Immerse yourself in cold water (as low at 1 degree) for up to 10 minutes


Reduce post exercise recovery time

Faster resolution of soft tissue injuries

Reduce fatigue

Neural and cardio vascular system recovery

Helps reduce muscle soreness, strain and inflammation



Actions: Your final part of the treatment allows you to unwind in our hot tub at a blissful 38-40 degrees. The struggles of the CWI will be long forgotten about.


Reduced inflammation

Increased blood circulation

Enhanced muscle recovery

Infrared Sauna

Actions: Slowly heat the body up following your CWI session. The infrared sauna will help restore heat to your body and muscles at a warm 60 degrees.


Enhanced sleep


Relief from sore muscles

Relief from joint pain such as arthritis Clear and tighter skin

Improved circulation