The Sports Recovery Suite Facility

The Sports Recovery Suite is a facility that has been designed to assist people recover from sport and activity. Much thought and research has been undertaken to equip the facility with high quality recovery modalities and equipment.

The Sports Recovery Suite was set up with a clear objective in mind:

“…to expose athletes and fitness enthusiasts, of all abilities, to a vast range of elite recovery strategies and equipment at an affordable price”.

The Sports Recovery Suite Facility

Many athletes from different sports including; Athletics, Weightlifting, Soccer, Rugby and Gaelic Games provided feedback and guidance during the design phase of our business. Considering this feedback allied with the latest research on sports recovery treatments we tailored our facility in a manner that we believe will assist our clients in their pursuit of optimal recovery post exercise.

Our Suite boasts 3 treatment rooms;

Room 1= Aerobic Flush and Myofascial Release Room

Room 2= Dynamic Compression Room

Room 3=  Contrast Bathing Room

You can read up on the specifics of each room on our website where the equipment, use and benefits of each room are explained in detail. You can also check out a range of photos of each room in use.

Our Gold Recovery package is by far our most popular package used by our clients. This allows clients to use and flow through each of our 3 rooms.

The percussions guns that allow for self-massage are the most used piece of equipment in Room 1. Many clients have remarked that their ease of use makes them more appealing and less tedious than foam rolling.

The Normatec compression treatment in Room 2 allows our clients to unwind and relax for up to half an hour. Whether chilling with friends or teammates and taking a nap, this room is very popular and allows people to unwind after the many stresses of everyday life.

While many clients love our jacuzzi to bring their sessions to an end we know that it is the Cryobath that brings our clients back again and again. While extremely difficult for many, completing a 10 minute session brings a great sense of satisfaction as well as a myriad of recovery benefits to our clients

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